Every time I traveled to Crete, it was only to the north coast. I never traveled inland or south of the island, mostly because I had no money or car. This time I got lucky enough to have both, and I was so happy to explore more of this fascinating place. Like this, I came to discover the real Crete and what a gem it is. Let me take you on this full day of travel from Moires to Hora Sfakion.

Crete is a rich, abundant, and self-sufficient island with lots to explore and enjoy. Having a car is the best option for traveling in Crete. You can’t rely too much on public transport because it doesn’t reach all the places on the island. Regular buses connect the main big cities such as Heraklion, Rethimno, Chania, and some villages around them. Below I will mention all the lovely places we visited and the tavernas we enjoyed.


I came to love this town after having lived here for three months. What I liked about Moires is that it has everything you need, doctors for quick analyses, hairdressers, shops, restaurants, fresh vegetable shops, a farmer’s market every Saturday, a gym, accountants, etc. You can easily live here without feeling isolated. The town is one hour from Heraklion and 1.5h from Rethimno. Moires is also conveniently located in the middle of the island, and you can go to either side in 3h.



Just 20 minutes from Moires, this tiny sea village will delight you with caves carved into the cliffs, the soft sanded beach, and the cute colorful town. The entrance to the caves is around 2.5 Euros. There are many restaurants, bars, tourist shops, and accommodations to rent in Matala. Since it’s a seasonal tourist destination, nothing is open during winter, maybe except a cafe for the locals. But you can see the beach and walk around to get a feel of the place.

Matala beach
The caves in Matala
Walking along the beach

Agia Galini

Maybe slightly bigger than Matala and also located by the sea, this village offers a striking view from above and from the ground level. During the winter, the restaurants are not open, maybe just a bakery and 1 or 2 coffee shops. Nevertheless, it is buzzing during summer and is quite a big attraction in the south of Crete. Watch the reel below to see what the village looks like.

As lunchtime approached and we were getting hungry, we quickly searched for a taverna in the area we were passing through. It happened to be near Kentrochori, where we found Taverna Agamemnon. This was the first day of Christmas, a beautiful sunny day, and we were in the mood for a quiet and relaxing time. A lovely couple runs this taverna, and it has the best view you could ask for. The food was fresh and delicious. You can hear the river from the mountain in the village’s quietness. In the reel below, you can see some shots of the views that we came across.

Agios Pavlos

This area is not a properly formed village as some houses are scattered around. However, the beach is gorgeous, and you will not find anyone there in winter. It’s a great place to spend a romantic time with your partner, relax, and get lost in endless thoughts. Definitely, in the upcoming years, the area is going to develop. The island is expanding significantly, and many people are investing in Crete, buying land or a house.

The beach in Agios Pavlos. Most of the beach is not rocky

Hora Sfakion

Getting to our destination, Hora Sfakion, felt like forever because we often stopped to take pictures and videos. And that’s mostly because I was bugging my boyfriend to stop every few km. From Moires to Hora Sfakion, the journey is two hours without stopping. This town is cozy and touristy when the season begins in April/May. If you come here, you must try the Sfakion pie with goat cheese and honey. It is a staple of the area, and you probably cannot find it anywhere else on the island. There are a few restaurants by the sea where you can try the pie. Then you can walk on the beach and in the port area. Finally, you can take a boat trip to the neighboring island Gavdos.

A full day of travel. Moires to Hora Sfakion
Hora Sfakion village
Walking inside the village
A full day of travel. Moires to Hora Sfakion
Tavernas by the sea
Sfakian pie
A full day of travel. Moires to Hora Sfakion

I hope you’ve enjoyed this full day of travel since road trips like this are the best way to discover the island. Crete is a spectacular and unique place that will remain with you forever. I’ll leave here at the end some pictures from this trip that I took along the way. So enjoy, and see you in C R E T E!

A full day of travel. Moires to Hora Sfakion
A full day of travel. Moires to Hora Sfakion
An area called Three Stones
A full day of travel. Moires to Hora Sfakion
Snow at the top of the mountains
A full day of travel. Moires to Hora Sfakion

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