The Best Beach and Seaside City in Belgium

I traveled from the Dutch to the French border, the whole 65 km of Belgian coastline, to discover Belgium's best beach and seaside city. One thing I can tell you for sure is that it is diverse and unique. Each town has its personality and vibe, and I was so surprised by the big differences. In this post, I will…


What to See and Do in Tongeren: Belgium’s Oldest Town

Belgium has many beautiful small and big towns to explore, and today, we will discuss what you can see and do in Tongeren, the oldest town in Belgium. Every town has a story to tell and interesting things to see. Tongeren is famously known as the oldest town because it dates back to Roman times. Called in Latin Atuatuca Tungrorum,…


Belgian Farms to Buy Fresh Local Produce All Year Round

It's time we ditch the big corporations and start supporting our local farmers. To thrive and be healthy, we need nutritionally dense foods. In this post, I will write about the farms I've discovered in Belgium. Whenever I visit new farms, I will add them to the list. To reach the farms, it is preferable to have a car because…


Discover Mechelen: A Hidden Gem in Belgium’s Heart

Are you searching for places to visit outside Brussels? Not too far, not too crowded, with nice things to see? I have the perfect spot for you. It's about 45 minutes from Brussels, easy to explore, welcoming, and captivating. Mechelen is an ideal place to visit close to Brussels, located in the Flemish Region of Belgium. You can enjoy exploring…


The best places on Rhodes Island everyone should see

After living on the island for six months and visiting every single area, I would like to introduce you to the best spots to visit while on Rhodes Island. This Greek island has incredible places to discover, from spectacular beaches to medieval castles and lush forests. Over the years, Rhodes Island was under the Roman, Ottoman Empire, German, and Italian…


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