Spring in Brussels. Places you need to visit.

Welcome to my Travel Channel. The place where I bring you the best travel news. Today I will take you on a journey to discover the spring signs in Brussels. April to the end of May is the perfect time to enjoy cherry blossoms, tulips, daffodils, bluebells, and many other flowers in the capital city of Belgium and around. This…


Amazing art events in Brussels to boost the brain

Are you searching for exciting art events in Brussels to see during the week or the weekend? Look no further. I compiled a diverse collection of events that can help uplift your mood and bring up new ideas and excitement in your day/life. Even if you are not into events or exhibitions of any kind, I will encourage you to…


Clean beauty is the way to go. Tested products.

They say people are resistant to change and reluctant to jump into the unknown. I am here to make this path more accessible and comfortable. As a constant change seeker, I can confirm that change is needed but is not something we usually seek. Instead, life circumstances force us to. So today, I will take you into the world of…


A full day of travel. Moires to Hora Sfakion.

Every time I traveled to Crete, it was only to the north coast. I never traveled inland or south of the island, mostly because I had no money or car. This time I got lucky enough to have both, and I was so happy to explore more of this fascinating place. Like this, I came to discover the real Crete…


How to choose the best trail to Psiloritis Mountain, Crete

Crete has quickly become my favorite island yet. Nothing beats the incredible mountain views, spectacular beaches, good food, and welcoming people. Since arriving in Crete, I've wanted to hike to the summit of Psiloritis mountain, and made that happen. So please keep reading on how to choose the best trail to Psiloritis Mountain in Crete. First, I want to point…


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