Discover Artemida today. Everything you need to know. Tested

Ever heard of Artemida? Me neither. Until I moved here. Having lived in Athens, the capital of Greece for a few months, started to wear me out. I was missing the nature, the quietness, my own space, the empty streets. So decided to change the scenery and moved near the sea in the country side. If for example you are…


Nafplio. Why you need to visit? Quick getaway

You really don't know you need to visit a place until someone recommends it. Or you hear everyone talking about it on social media. After the interest was created, your brain will start finding the time, resources and every possible way to get you on that trip. Today we'll follow my brain's journey to Nafplio and why you need to…


Hydra Island: no cars allowed. What you need to know?

Discovering Aegean beauty has become my favorite thing to do while in Greece. The Greek territory has around 6000 islands and islets in the Aegean and Ionian Sea from which only 227 are inhabited. I'm on a mission to discover most of them and today I will talk about Hydra island and what you need to know. Why go to…

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Traveling to Santorini during covid. Better or worse?

The world has changed. What was safe is now dangerous. What was possible is now restricted and what was easy is now complicated. The dynamic of traveling has shifted, but the passion is still high. Regardless, I am here to share my perspective on current events and experience of traveling to Santorini during covid. It's unfortunate, but travel as we…


How to get the best deals in Santorini in 2021

Santorini, one of the top most wanted destinations in the world is also the most expensive. With amazing views, luxury cave houses on the cliff and a dreamy ambience of color, light, and style, undoubtedly, everyone would want to experience the magnificence of this place. There are, however, ways to make your stay less expensive. And this is what I…


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