Are you searching for exciting art events in Brussels to see during the week or the weekend? Look no further. I compiled a diverse collection of events that can help uplift your mood and bring up new ideas and excitement in your day/life. Even if you are not into events or exhibitions of any kind, I will encourage you to give it a try. You might discover new things, and I guarantee you will have a great time. So, without further ado, these amazing art events in Brussels boost the brain.

1. The Art of the Brick: An Exhibition of LEGO

Before attending this event, I thought, ugh, lego, what is this? Anyone can do it, and it’s just playing with toys. Looking closer at the Lego creations, I realized that creating every piece takes time, skill, and dedication. The author mastered proportions, color, movement, and perspective to portray the right emotions. It was a great exhibition that invited you to see things beyond what they seem. It’s a great idea to go with your kids as there is a place at the end of the exposition to play with legos and even buy a few bricks.

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2. Tokyo Art City: the 360Β° interactive experience

I didn’t know what to expect. I was curiously interested and pleasantly surprised. The main attraction is the 360ΒΊ interactive room of sound and light show of Tokyo. The multi-sensory experience is an introduction to the busy life of Tokyo, its culture, and traditions. After this visual experience, you might discover that a trip to Japan is what you’ve been missing in life. I will for sure be visiting Japan soon. After the interactive room, you are welcomed with free mochi ice cream and can even buy Japanese products. Also, there is a corner with a swing dressed in cherry blossoms vibes, a room filled with lights, a virtual reality experience, and another corner with Mount Fuji for pictures.

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3. Illusion Brussels

I came across this place while exploring the streets of Brussels City. Saw a big queue of people and wondered what are they all waiting for. I went alone, and it was a bit boring but if I were to go with someone I would have enjoyed it more. This is a great place to come with friends or family, as there are many interactive activities. It’s better to book your ticket in advance on their website so you don’t have to wait in line as the wait can take a while. Once you’re in, you realize it’s not big and gets crammed easily. As the name says, you experience different illusions in this place, which can be interesting to observe.

Amazing art events in Brussels to boost the brain
Amazing art events in Brussels to boost the brain
This room is created upside down, and when you take a picture and flip it, you look like you are hanging from the wall.
Amazing art events in Brussels to boost the brain

4. Happiness Expo. Art a positive boost for your brain

Located right in the center of Brussels, this art expo offers a show of color, light, and movement in which you are the primary participant. This art installation enriches human sensory perception through digital technology, computer animation, video mapping, augmented reality, and smart light projection. The color, lights, rapid movement, and music will have you in a trance. But, of course, you have to experience it yourself.

5. Reset Immersive. Whispering Lights

This event occurs in an abandoned building that feels colder than outside. For this reason, they even give you a jacket since you will be sitting as you move across the exhibition. Once you enter, you don’t know what to expect, but it feels like you are traveling in the future and the past simultaneously. You are first seated to experience a virtual reality sensory trip followed by a walk through the building exploring light installations and video projections. Toward the end, there is another virtual reality experience. This was a strange and unique event in a completely different setting than the rest.

Amazing art events in Brussels to boost the brain
These are individual booths for the virtual reality experience.
Amazing art events in Brussels to boost the brain
This is one of the light installations simulating clouds.
Amazing art events in Brussels to boost the brain

Overall, I would say that digital art was a recurrent theme in many events where the artists tried to project and awaken different feelings and thoughts within the participants. The projections make you feel alive and vibrant, and I enjoyed every single one. Remember that these exhibitions are temporary and might change or be replaced by other events. Nevertheless, when the weather is terrible, which is most of the time in Brussels, these events help bring a smile, make you forget about your worries, release stress, and even boost energy. So take advantage of these amazing art events in Brussels to give a much-needed boost to your brain.

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Happy exploration!

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