As an Asian food lover who is always searching for the best sushi, ramen, and gyoza, I have to write this blog with my top recommendations in Brussels. I love trying different Asian cuisines, and I have to say that I do enjoy spicy food. At the end of the post, I will write about some of the best supermarkets where you can shop for your favorite products. So these are the Asian food places in Brussels that I love.

Korean Restaurants in Brussels

1. Bap & Dak

This place is open for lunch and dinner. I would advise you to reserve a table online because they are always busy and cannot offer a table if you walk in. The food is fresh and flavorful. I had vegetarian bibimbap and kimchi pancakes. For the bibimbap, they offer you a spicy sauce, and it pairs perfectly with the vegetables, rice, and fried egg on the top. You can check their menu here. You can have most, if not all, dishes vegan or vegetarian.

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Japanese Restaurants in Brussels

1. Espace Sushi

After a Google search, I craved sushi and decided to try this place. The reviews were excellent, which made me go for it. I got everything you see in the pictures and was happy with the quality of the food. The miso soup was balanced, not too salty, and tasted right. The fish and rice were also fresh and tasty. I’m sure you know that feeling of true joy and pure contentment when you eat something incredibly delicious that awakens all your senses. This is what Asian food does for me. I like a well-balanced meal and always look forward to eating pickled ginger and wasabi. In Romania, we have a similar root vegetable called horseradish. We mix it with beetroot and ferment it for winter. It is identical to wasabi in taste. It has a similar strong flavor that makes you cry instantly. Love it!

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Miso soup
Asian food places in Brussels that I love
Sushi with sea bass and salmon
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Sushi with salmon and avocado
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Mochi and black sesame ice cream


1. Kam Yuen Supermarket

2. Aziëpoort

I will update the list regularly as I explore Brussels’s Asian cuisine more. Meanwhile, if you’re moving to Brussels, check this post for important info.

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