Are you thinking of volunteering, but not sure what you are going to gain out of it? Or you don’t know how or where to get started? Find some first hand tips right here. Top benefits of volunteering.

Volunteering is not just great in helping you save money. I would say that it’s a life changing experience that leaves you transformed forever. The lessons learned from volunteering, if you take the time to observe and analyze them, are very valuable.

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Character building

As we grow into adults, some of us, or most of us, are never really us. We never get to actually be us because we have never allowed ourselves that. Growing up with social and parental conditioning, we don’t get to live and act at full capacity. The fear, past failures and traumas are limiting our own existence. If we are willing to open up, we give ourselves the chance to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We have to be conscious of our thoughts and pattern behavior to act different. Otherwise, we repeat it again and again. Bring out the true shine and work of art that you are. By challenging yourself to not set for misery, but happiness and peace of heart and mind, you will discover a new you. This is one of the deep benefits of volunteering which probably is overlooked.

For instance, you have unexplored or mixed feeling regarding some of your capabilities due to past failures, friends, family, coworkers. After volunteering for a few months you will definitely gain clarity in what it is that you’re good at. You will get to discover your strengths and weaknesses if you haven’t already. Interacting with so many people and living with them 24/7 will teach you many lessons. Also, you’ll be in the position of managing, organizing, coordinating, negotiating. All these skills are extremely important in life and it will shape your character even more. It might feel uneasy at the beginning, but you will soon realize that you are more talented than you thought. You just have to give yourself a chance, one more time.


Being emphatical is a great skill to have. And if you do not possess it, you can always learn it. All you have to do is read a few books. But in all seriousness, books are really great in offering you another perspective on life, people, mind. I really enjoyed the book of Thich Nhat Hanh, The Art of Communicating. It’s a beautiful read teaching you about self love, self expression and more.

Another great read is the book of James Harvey Robinson, The Mind in the Making and the amazing book of Bruce Lee, Striking Thoughts. If you find yourself stuck in life, want a new perspective, really read these books. You will gain some knowledge, maybe get some new ideas. Inspiration is everywhere.

I would say that without love, appreciation and compassion for yourself, you are not going to be able to show it to somebody else. I believe that empathy is a skill that doesn’t stand alone but is accompanied by humbleness and emotional intelligence. Developing these traits will really help you understand much better other people no matter the situation you are in. Making an effort to listen and understand the other party will really set you apart from other people. Be human, show your emotions, be vulnerable. It is not a weakness. It is a strength.

Social skill

Communication is at the base of everything. Being able to communicate effectively is very important. This is yet, another of the benefits of volunteering. You will become a master communicator in no time. I know for some people is more difficult to communicate and others are just born communicators. I think we can all be great communicators. We just need to practice. And you can do that with volunteering. The world is filled with amazing people that you have yet to meet. I really enjoy hearing people’s unique stories while in my travels.

Cultural awareness

Do you know how awesome it feels to live with people from all over the globe? It’s freaking amazing. I would not trade these moments for anything. One big international family under one roof. It’s pretty crazy to think how globalized we have become. Now, having someone from a far away island in your living room is something normal. But it’s still mind blowing. Sharing ideas, culture, traditions are amazing ways to connect and grow. Being culturally aware brings us all closer together, creates more understanding and appreciation for one another. We are different, but same. We are one big family living on this planet.

I am sure that there are many more benefits. However, this is what I have experienced so far. I learned from my own experiences and from other’s experiences.

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I hope you enjoyed this read. Give volunteering a chance to experience some benefits yourself. It’s a satisfying adventure. Go explore!

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