They say people are resistant to change and reluctant to jump into the unknown. I am here to make this path more accessible and comfortable. As a constant change seeker, I can confirm that change is needed but is not something we usually seek. Instead, life circumstances force us to. So today, I will take you into the world of clean beauty and explain why it should be the way to go.

Why chemical-free products?

More than ten years ago, I shifted my attention toward the skincare products I use. In particular, I re-examined the companies that I kept enriching. The prominent players in the cosmetic industry are the ones that bombard us daily with advertisements. Even if some of their new products are labeled organic and natural, that doesn’t mean they indeed are. It’s just a marketing strategy that changes according to the trend. The trending buzzwords are green, clean, natural, eco-friendly, etc. So they changed the labeling, but the composition is still full of toxic and harmful ingredients. So I chose to rebel and support SMEs that create clean beauty and skincare products. Embarking on this journey was a way to discover how to treat the acne that kept me insecure throughout my adolescence. Now, I focus on quality over quantity and highly appreciate a product that respects the environment and the people.

We are surrounded by chemicals right and left, and we don’t need to put more toxins into our skin. However, being aware and making conscious decisions is critical. The accumulation of toxins in our bodies can lead to serious health problems over time; the best way to prevent this is to know what is harmful. I always have health present in my mind and constantly base all my purchase decisions on this. I’ve been fortunate enough never to be sick other than a common cold, and I want to preserve my health for as long as possible. My motto in life is to be happy, healthy, free, and without stress. I know it’s not easy, but it’s achievable if we work for it.

The products from the companies mentioned below have all been tested by me and are products I use daily. These are my honest opinions, and I am not being paid for them. The list of companies will continue to grow as I discover more products. Save the page to revisit.

1. Oh Lou Lou! 100% Organic Beauty Cosmetics Shop

Located in the center of Brussels, this shop mesmerizes you as soon as you step in with the scent and aesthetic of the essential oils. You can order from their website if you can’t reach the shop. This family-owned business specializes in handmade soaps, face creams, shampoo, face masks, cleansers, and serums. All the soaps are made with organic virgin coconut oil, colored with organic herbs and spices, and scented with 100% pure, organic essential oils. I tried the rose and the coconut soap, and they leave the skin soft and nourished, not dry like other products. Also, the geranium face balm is an absolute moisturizer and healer. It keeps the skin radiant, plump, glowy, and silky smooth.

2. Vessel

Based in Northern Greece, this company specializes in manufacturing essential oils. I found them while looking for frankincense essential oil, which I love and use daily. Their oils are high quality, organic, and mainly from Greek plants but also from abroad. I love frankincense for its uniform complexion and because it helps with acne and spots. So I bought many essential oils for hair and face from them, such as myrrh, tea tree, peppermint, ylang-ylang, sage, rosemary, and lemongrass. They have many more on their page, and keep adding others.

3. Cretan bee

Situated on my favorite Greek island, Crete, this company brings you the creamiest and most hydrating facial creams made with olive oil, bee products, and essential oils. Their rose water smells divine, and the chemical-free sunscreen is an excellent alternative to the cancer-causing sunscreens in the stores. So get yourself a treat and get ready for the Greek summer.

4. Living libations

I just discovered this US-based company while searching for a natural perfume. Since I wouldn’t say I like the smell of synthetic perfumes, I was looking for a subtle but elegant scent. I decided to buy a small sample of Roses Shinning Everywhere Petal Perfume from the reseller for Europe, the Dutch Health Store. If you are located in the US, use this link. This perfume is indeed everything that I was looking for; it is not too overpowering but, at the same time, sophisticated and luxurious. The scent fades slowly throughout the day, and you don’t have to apply more than two spritzes. I will slowly try their other scents, too.

5. Vanessa Megan

I returned to the Dutch Health Store and found this elegant perfume from Liliquoi from Vanessa Megan an Australian-based company. I got the small size of 10 ml to try it out, and I must say that I love the flowery smell. It is subtle and not overpowering at all while long-lasting. The scent resembles lilac and peony.

6. Leahlani

Located in Hawaii, this company has some fantastic products. I tried their Pua Lei Perfume oil, , and I am in love. This feminine perfume is delicate, sweet-like smelling, and feels like a warm hug. This tropical flower blend makes you think you are always on holiday. I put a tiny bit on the wrists and neck, and the scent stays on for quite some time. Nowadays, I always carry it in my bag and reapply it when needed.

Reading the ingredients of the products you buy should be a reflex. Always make sure that your choices align with what you want to achieve. For example, if you have skin or scalp irritations, you should look for products that don’t irritate even more. Nature is healing, and clean beauty should be the way forward. Incorporate a natural product into your skin regimen, and you will soon detest the smell of chemicals.

Stay questioning and informed, and let me know in the comments about the honest, health-focused companies you’ve discovered!

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