Ever heard of Artemida? Me neither. Until I moved here. Having lived in Athens, the capital of Greece for a few months, started to wear me out. I was missing the nature, the quietness, my own space, the empty streets. So decided to change the scenery and moved near the sea in the country side. If for example you are flexible with your work or you work from home and wish to have the sea near, like to switch things up and enjoy exploring new neighborhoods then this town might be your place. Read till the end to see what’s to discover in Artemida. Who knows, it might become your favorite getaway spot from the crowded Athens.

Artemida Beach

Discover Artemida
Artemida beach

The first plus of this town is that is located by the sea and this might be the main reason why you will be attracted to move to this town or to visit. Artemida has a very wide and long beach where you can enjoy running, having daily walks and just relax in the sun. It’s also a place loved by the windsurfers so one more reason to check this place. You can take lessons of windsurfing right on the beach if you ever though of learning this water sport.

We were living 15 min walk from the beach and we were easily doing around 6k to10k while going for evening walks. Also, there are gyms in the area if you want to go even further and do some weightlifting. We lived in Artemida from November to April and if you wish to have your own studio/apartment the prices start from 400 EUR and can go as high as you can afford to pay. During the summer months, the rent is more expensive as it’s expected to be since it gets busy and people from all around Greece and abroad come to visit the area.


Weekly farmer’s market

This market brings the town to life every Saturday, especially during the winter months when is quieter. Even if you are not an early riser you can still go to the market around 1 PM. They normally start to pack around 1:30- 2PM. We were going every week to buy everything that we needed for a whole week. You can find all seasonable vegetables and fruits, fish, cheese, honey, pollen, propolis, kitchen utensils, spices, clothes and shoes. It’s a complete market that has pretty much everything you need. There is a small family business that sells the best honey and bee products in the market. They are of the highest quality and bought from them every time. You can buy it online if you contact them on their Facebook page or if you show up in the market. Sometimes when it’s rainy and cold they do not come in the market, but when it’s sunny you can always find them.

Also, there is a bio shop in town, the only one where you can get items which you do not find in a regular store such as hemp seeds, Brazilian nuts, gluten free flour and others. I made so many trips to this store and left so much money there hahaha. But, I love my daily dose of hemp seeds in my smoothie.

To discover Artemida is easy as it’s not a very big town and it’s nice and cozy enough. If you wish to see how the market looks check the videos below.

Vravrona Beach

Discover Artemida and the areas around
Sunset from Vravrona beach

The more south you go, the better it gets. There are two Vravrona beaches and the second one is in front of the 5* hotel Dolce Athens Attica Riviera which you can visit even though you are not a guest from the hotel. It is a beautiful area to explore and the view is incredible. If you are by car you can go even further on the other side to the Camolia beach where you will have the view of the hotel. The nature is amazing in this area and there are places to hike. In spring there are flowers everywhere, the bees are buzzing around and you can even spot some turtles in the area.

Check out the video below to see how the area looks.

Archaeological Site of Brauron

Like in every location in Greece there must be some historical sites to visit. This is said to be the temple of the ancient goddess Artemis from where also the name of the town originates. We passed this site several times, but never went in to check it. However, we always saw many people coming to visit. You need a car to reach this point as it is off road.

Living in Artemida is not hard at all, you will not feel like you’re missing on anything, but the opposite, you will feel like you have everything. Some people just need to have the sea near, feel the sand under their feet and they are happy. I am the adventurous type that after staying for too long in one location starts to prepare for the next journey. I adapt to every environment easily and discovering places brings joy to my soul and heart. Do not forget to stay true to yourself and follow your inner voice. I know that life gets busy at times and we are missing on the joy of life. The routine is important in order to get things done, but changes are also beneficial.

If you’re thinking to give this place a go let me know your impression in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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Until next time my loves, stay healthy and happy.

Shot near Vravrona
Vravrona beach
Artemida beach, rainy season
Shot near Vravrona

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