Do you lately happen to hear a lot about Portugal? Maybe in a video, article or from family and friends? Definitely, there are many reasons for that and I will share below why I think Portugal is many’s favorite destination and things you can do to enjoy the best of Portugal.

As I lived in Portugal 2 months exploring the south and the north, I came to realize why Portugal is so loved around the world. This southern European country of 10 million inhabitants is extremely welcoming and has gained its fame as being one of the top European destinations. One visit and you will forever have it in your heart. As a heavenly destination for travelers you surely want to know the ways to enjoy the best of Portugal. Either you’re going to Portugal for a week, a month or more there are many things you can do and see. You can choose from the options below and go for what you like the most. Or maybe try something new this time. Let’s start with the first thing the country is most famous for….beach.

Beach & Surf

Portugal has the most amazing beaches in Europe. Far and wide as the eye can wander. Most pristine and clean sandy beaches. It is an absolute bliss to step on this incredible soft sand, absorb the beauty around and get lost in the infinite blue ocean while slowly drifting into the dreamland. The nature surrounding you is so powerful, so intense. You feel connected to mother nature and might be a good idea to do some journaling, meditation, visualization or yoga on the beach. The water of the Atlantic Ocean is quite cold all year around. In the summer is possible to swim, but still the temperature of the water will never be like the Mediterranean. The whole coast is so incredibly beautiful. One beach after the other. Portugal is also famous for surfing and there are many beaches along the coast that are good for that. Surf lovers from around the world come here.

I went to a fishing village in the north of Portugal called Villa Cha. The waves when we arrived were absolutely gigantic, lots of seagulls on the shore and little baby birds running around. Such a breathtaking view. But, please, see for yourself.

Enjoy the best of Portugal. Colorful houses of the fisherman on the cost to the town of Vila Cha.
Fishermen’s houses on the northern Portuguese coast
Enjoy the best of Portugal.  A flock of seagulls gather together to chill and relax on the beach
Enjoy the best of Portugal. Sunrise spectacle. Seagulls flying
Enjoy the best of Portugal. Man with the surf board in his hand going to surf
Enjoy the best of Portugal. Surfing time in the south of Portugal
Enjoy the best of Portugal. Cliffs, sand and the Atlantic Ocean

Van Life

An adventure wanted by many and lived by few, although, the van culture had grown considerably in the last few years. It is such a free and liberating experience. I believe that everyone should try it at least once in their life. Of course it has its challenges and might not be for everyone, but it is definitely the right kind of adventure for the free spirited ones. Portugal, is really the only country in Europe where I have seen so many campervans in one place, except for the dedicated place to park them. The south of Portugal is full of them. As you approach the beach area you see more and more on the roads. It is not allowed to camp on the beach during the night with your van but many people still does it. With a motorhome you have much more flexibility and you can choose to wake up every morning in spectacular locations. Who wouldn’t want that?

Community Life

If you are thinking of traveling to Portugal and you are tired of the tourist spots and the big cities, then you should try this. Join for a few days or a week the crazy free, wild communities. There are many such kind communities. I went to one that is located near Barriga beach. It’s quite a crazy and interesting community where people from different countries live together in a house and vans. They organize jam sessions every week and is beautiful to see. Some people have been living there for a few years already. If you are traveling with a van then you should check this community out and stay there a few nights. They have also solar panels to generate electricity and they grow some vegetables too.

When I saw this bus in there I really could not resist the urge and asked if I could go in and take a picture hahah I was imagining myself there posing.

Vegan Friendly

Portugal is so vegan friendly that you don’t need to go into a shop to buy vegan food. You can just eat it from the side of the road. And no, I’m not referring to grass ?, but to fruit trees. Such as, figs, apples, oranges, blueberries and many more are available for free. I actually met a raw vegan and she was telling me how much all this free food helped her when she didn’t have enough money. And also many vegan restaurants offering great food. You have lots of options. The supermarkets have organic bananas grown on the island of Madeira, and many other organic fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Natural Living

Portugal is literally the heaven of backpackers, van living and alternative communities. It is very easy to get re-connected with nature and with yourself if you take the time to do some inner reflection. You can choose to volunteer (see available sites) in some beautiful locations in the mountains or near the sea, work remotely and live for some time in a small town, or have enough money to travel and explore the core of this incredible country. There are endless options! You just have to have an open mind, be fearless and bold.

Old Style Architecture

Portugal is very picturesque. I especially enjoy walking on the streets of the old towns and villages. I love the artistic old look, but stylish of the colorful houses. It really has a unique touch. With every step that you take, make sure you enjoy the best of Portugal.

Enjoy the best of Portugal. Old style architecture in Lagos city
On the streets of the old town in Lagos
Enjoy the best of Portugal. Street in the old town of Lagos.
Lagos old town

As you can see, Portugal has a lot to offer. It’s up to you now to decide how you want to explore and enjoy the best of Portugal.

What are you most excited about when traveling? Let me know in the comments. I am really excited about everything that I have outlined above. Exploring different aspects of a country allows me to have a deeper understanding of the true essence of a place.

While you are here, have a look at one of my tour guides in Portugal. You are going to love that city as much as I did.

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