I don’t know about you, but I’m really not a fan of packing all my house when I embark on a travel. I like to keep it light and bring with me just about the right amount. And most importantly, I value quality and transparency in a product. I always look at the ingredient list every time I make a purchase. To see what is my essential chemical free travel kit, minimalist edition, please keep reading.

Fragrance, Natural flavor

Do you know what fragrance and natural flavor really stands for? Chemicals. The use of these words by the industry makes it sound to the normal consumer that the product really contains something natural. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Those words are used to mask the synthetic ingredients that “make up” for the otherwise natural ones. And there are many other misleading names like, citric acid, which makes you think that it’s lemon juice but it is not. Misleading information is everywhere around us and we have to constantly question the veracity of what is.

As you probably know, the skin is our largest organ and absorbent. It absorbs everything that you put on it. One chemical today, one chemical tomorrow and all this accumulates in your body. For sure, you wouldn’t want to wake up one day with some kind of disease. We don’t know how these chemicals react in our body, but for sure we know that they can create disease. Nourish the body from the inside, but also be careful what you feed it on the outside. Using products that contain only natural ingredients, yes, there are products like that, is only going to benefit you on the long run. Maybe you spend more for a good product but also you’ll be avoiding getting some disease later on. I do believe that we can age gracefully and be disease free until the day we die.

The use of clean products is not only going to benefit us, but the environment too. A chemical free environment where all living beings can flourish would be an ideal balance. Toxins are so harmful to plants, animals, bees, insects, us. We accumulate them in our bodies through the food that we eat, the air that we breath, the water that we drink, the products that we use and even the clothes that we wear.

As a result, detoxing the body is primordial in maintaining optimal health. Being aware of what we buy, the ingredients and the quality of the product is very important if we seek to stay healthy at all times. As you could tell, I am a big supporter of toxic free products, and not just toiletries, but every product that we ingest or use to wash or paint our body with. I like to carefully choose the best out there and recommend products that I have personally used and still using.

My journey with clean products

I have personally become aware of the toxicity of the products that I use when I started my vegan journey, almost 10 years ago. I started my research with food and ended up changing my entire lifestyle. One research led to another and another and everything made so much sense. I watched some documentaries that gave me a better perspective of how things really are. I recommend you to watch the documentaries Stink and Toxic Beauty to get a better understanding of the cosmetic and beauty industry. Now I value as much what I eat as well as what I put on my body. For instance, I cannot support anymore the smell of strong synthetic products. It’s just too much of a shock to the senses.

Moreover, clean food and chemical free body products is only half of what we need as human beings to flourish. Our mind and soul is the other half that we need to constantly work on. Our thoughts can make or break us. That is to say that wellbeing is not just physical but mental too. So, being aware of our thoughts, emotions, and learning how to process and understand them can heal us of past and present experiences. I believe a stress free, happy life can be accomplished when we live in balance with nature and ourselves. I know, easier said than done. We have an entire life to practice.

Have tried lots of different brands and products over the years. A continuation will mention the ones that I like the most to use in my chemical free travel kit.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Having long thick curly hair I really need specific products for my type of hair. Products with no parabens, no silicon, or other chemicals that destroy the natural curl pattern. I absolutely love the products from 100% pure. Everything smells incredible and you can feel that it is not a chemical like smell but a natural scent. All their products are vegan, toxic free, made only with natural ingredients found in nature. Leaves the hair feeling soft, smooth, clean and smelling divine. I like this shampoo and conditioner.

Also, I’ve recently tried the Curlsmith brand and really enjoyed the vegan, natural and amazing smelling shampoo and conditioner. If you are in Europe you can buy from here. Love all their products. Great quality and amazing for curly hair. See this hair serum and mask.

And lastly, there is Shea Moisture. I think I’ve used pretty much every shampoo they have and some conditioners. You can get yours from here and here. If you are in Europe you can get it here and here. I offer you several options to try and use. All are great products.


When it comes to perfume, I really love essential oils. It’s practically a plant extract oil with amazing benefits. You can use it as a perfume, in a diffuser, for massage, mix a few drops in your shampoo or face mask. So many uses. I love to use lavender oil not only for the smell, but for when I have a headache or feel the need to just breath and relax. I love this one and this one. And this mint essential oil.

I’ve also been using the clean perfumes from Pacifica. They have different scents and I like the most the French Lilac, Indian Coconut Nectar and Tahitian Gardenia. You can find them here and select the scents you prefer. If you are in Europe you can get the Indian Coconut Nectar, Mediterranean Fig, Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Tuscan Blood Orange, Sandalwood and Malibu Lemon. I absolutely love all of these scents. The smell doesn’t last an eternity and it shouldn’t even. Remember, it’s not a chemical, is natural.


I have also shifted my attention towards toxic-free make-up. Usually go for a natural simple look and love the feeling that this foundation and this one from 100% pure leaves on the skin. I like the no make-up, makeup look where you can let the skin breath. You can choose the shade that is best for your skin type. Also, this pencil, from the same brand, does not irritate the eye and you can safely apply it. It is soft, creamy, intense and stays on all day.


Chemical free cosmetics is really the way to go. If you care so much about your appearance, then you should really look at the ingredient list and think twice before buying again from the same old company. There’s so much choice out there. As a scrub I use sodium bicarbonate. Leaves my face very soft. I used it every other day. Also make different DIY face masks. One could be chickpea flour, turmeric and cinnamon.

If you are like me, sometimes with dry skin, then you might like to use this moisturizer. The end result is a soft, non-oily skin. And if you want a 2 in 1 moisturizer+ sunscreen…..actually 3 in 1, moisturizer+sunscreen+chemical free, then this is definitely what you been looking for. This natural cream is perfect for all skin types. I also like to use, powerful, concentrated serums and this one is one of them. You might like this one too. Of course, natural and chemical free for your travel kit.


You can use lemon as a deodorant. I use it sometimes. Or you can try this natural, aluminium free deodorant. I’ve recently tried it and I like that you don’t need to use a lot. It comes in a small starter package to try it out. Anyone else loves sandalwood? Then you should try this amazing smelling deodorant.


You really need to have in your chemical free travel kit something to clean your teeth with. At the beginning of the journey I even made some of my own toothpaste mixing different ingredients like coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate. Now, there’s lots of natural and safe products to use. I have tried the charcoal paste and sewak which you can get here. I bought from the exact same brand and I liked how well sealed every stick is and really moist when you open it. With this option you don’t even need water, just use the stick. It really cleans well and whitens the teeth.

This option is also pretty great. All of the products are fantastic. If you are in Europe, get it here and here. Have bought them several times and still have some. Leaves mouth fresh and it’s a very clean natural product with no fluoride or other chemical of that sort.

Also, I would recommend you to ditch the plastic toothbrush and go for a bamboo brush. In our efforts to become sustainable, we have to start with the small habits. You have to shift your perception from what was to what is. There is an alternative to pretty much everything nowadays, and if you really wanna be green, you could.


I really love products that have multiple uses. As a full time traveler, I don’t have the luxury to travel with many things. And even if I would, I would still prefer to have fewer things. Having many possessions is bothersome. And the thought of constantly thinking how to carry this and that is just too much of a stress. Traveling worry and stress free is how I like it.

Hope you enjoyed this essential chemical free travel kit. If you use any other great toxic free chemicals please let me know, I’d love to try them.

And, also check out my latest post about the challenges living off-grid, if you haven’t already.

PS. All the products listed are sold by the producer itself. I carefully looked for that, as I do not want a third party selling fake products.

Disclaimer: Some links are affiliate links and I get a commission if you purchase through the links that I provided. It helps me to keep creating and grow the blog. I only seek to offer the best of the best, products that I am using.

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