You don’t know you must visit a place until someone recommends it or you hear everyone talking about it on social media. After creating interest, your brain will start finding the time, resources, and every possible way to get you on that trip. Today, I’ll share my journey to Nafplio and why you must visit it.

Nafplio is the perfect short-and-sweet getaway you can start planning immediately. If you already live in Greece, you can go any time of the year. This place was recommended to me by an Aussie lady I met in a shop in Athens. She said I should go to Nafplio and Kalymnos Island, one of her favorite locations in Greece. I could see the enthusiasm in her eyes and decided it was worth exploring them. So, first things first.

How to get to Nafplio?

If you are already in Athens or any other area in Greece, you can get there, with your personal or rented car or by bus. I went by bus from Athens. The journey takes around two hours, it’s quick and convenient, and the bus station is in the heart of Nafplio. You can book your tickets on the official website with departure from different areas in Greece.

From Athens to Nafplio, the price for one person is 23 EUR. Once there, we checked into the Latini Hotel, conveniently positioned in the center. However, as much as the position is excellent, it has a downside. And that’s because the busy street can be quite noisy, making sleeping difficult during high season. Thankfully, I went in October, and the amount of people was manageable and not noisy at all. However, it can be a real bummer for many. Of course, by having a car, you can book a room outside the crowded area.

Why Nafplio?

If you wish to offer a surprise trip to your partner, this can be it. This town’s romantic and cozy vibes will make you feel all lovey-dovey. The layers of history of this coastal city are heavily infused with colorful houses and fortresses. The resemblance of Venetian architecture is still present at every step. And by far, the most spectacular architectural masterpiece is the Fortress of Palamidi which offers the most breathtaking view over the entire city.

This is the first thing you should do when arriving in Nafplio. To reach the top, you have nearly 1000 steps to complete. The entrance to the fortress is 8 EUR. However, as you get closer to the top, the view gets better and better, and by the time you reach it, you’ve seen it all. For me, the entrance to the fortress was not necessary, but maybe you may consider that it is.

Another thing you’ll enjoy is discovering the buzzing streets of the old town. It’s filled with restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and my favorite chocolate place called Taste3. They have a variety of assortments and flavors, and it’s so yummy. Walking on these streets is like therapy. I enjoy observing and discovering different details characteristic of the place. My soul starts smiling, and I feel excited, happy, and curious. This genuine, raw feeling is why I travel.

Do not forget to walk from Arvanitia Beach around the mountain rock. You will have spectacular views, and you can even stop to relax on the beach. Finally, you will reach the water castle Bourtzi, probably the first thing you will notice once in Naflplio. You can sit in one of the front cafes to enjoy the view while sipping your coffee. Please look at the pictures below of what I took on this walk.

As an optional activity, you can take a boat ride from the harbor to the Bourtzi Fortress, the one in the pictures below, which looks like it’s floating. The panorama is certainly exceptional.

Nafplio. Why you need to visit?


  • Romantic getaway for the weekend
  • Places of interest: Palamidi Fortress, Old Town, Walk from Arvanitias Beach, Bourtzi Fortress
  • By bus, 23 EUR / person Athens/Nafplio
  • Favorite chocolate shop in the old town Taste3
  • It is less crowded and less noisy in the offseason
  • During Covid times, you need a vaccine certificate or negative rapid test to board the bus.

I’ll let the pictures below explain why you need to visit Nafplio. Check out this incredible temple location south of Athens.

Nafplio. Why you need to visit
View while walking up to Palamidi Fortress. The path along the rock is what’s shown in the above pictures.
Nafplio. Why you need to visit
Palamidi Fortress is on the top of the mountain.
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Shot of the Bourtzi Fortress from the harbor
Nafplio. Why you need to visit
Walk into the old town

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