Never knew how figs and almonds grow until I got to have them in my backyard. And when you have lots of them, there is only one thought: raw vegan almond fig dessert hahah. Just kidding, but when you have so much you gotta do something.

I must say that the feeling of picking up your own food is just unbelievable. Knowing where it comes from and the freshness of it makes a huge difference. And the flavor, oh my. It’s another level.

Growing up in the countryside, climbing trees to pick my food, I believe, has created an awareness in me from an early age.

In the image below you can see freshly picked almonds. To get to the seed you have to break the husk. It has a strong almondy taste, just like you would eat or drink something that has a concentrated almond essence in it. It remembers me of my mom’s cakes where she would always use vanilla or almond essence.

Freshly picked almonds in the mountains in Tibi, Alicante
Freshly picked almonds

When it’s the fig season get ready to be creative cause it’s gonna be abundance. I just imagine how delicious would be a fig gem. But wanting to maintain the amazing health benefits that figs have I put together this raw vegan treat. Of course, many other combinations can be created, but having an excess of almonds and figs I wanted to combine them. When you blend them the flavor intensifies even more. At least for the almonds.


  • 1 hand of almonds
  • 2 tablespoons of flax seeds
  • 5 figs

I added flax seeds to the mix to dilute the strong almond taste, but just enough to still feel its flavor. Blend the flax and almonds together. Mold it into whatever shapes you want and put it in the fridge to cool down and get firm. Make a paste out of the figs and use it as a spread. I always eye the ingredients and put how much I feel is right.

Freshly picked figs from the mountains for raw vegan dessert
Freshly picked figs

I always enjoy creating, combining aromas and just trying things out and see how they turn out. That’s just me.

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Peace and love!

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  1. Carlos Carrion

    It looks great and, of course, it is super healthy. I love vegan food. Thank you for the amazing recipes.

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