Traveling to Santorini during covid. Better or worse?

The world has changed. What was safe is now dangerous. What was possible is now restricted and what was easy is now complicated. The dynamic of traveling has shifted, but the passion is still high. Regardless, I am here to share my perspective on current events and experience of traveling to Santorini during covid. It's unfortunate, but travel as we…


The best of Santorini in 3 days (2021 Guide)

If this is your first time in Santorini, look no further. This guide is created to offer you the best 3 days of your life while exploring the incredible Santorini in just 3 days. The highlights of the island can be visited without any rush in 3 days, regardless in which part of the island you are staying. Holiday Planning…


Santorini off-season. What to expect?

I'm pretty sure you've heard of Santorini. The famous white cliff houses, blue dome churches and sensational sunsets. It is by far the most visited Greek island. During the touristic season from April to November it works at full capacity. But, what can you expect of Santorini during off-season? I am here to tell you all about it as I…


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