How to choose the best trail to Psiloritis Mountain, Crete

Crete has quickly become my favorite island yet. Nothing beats the incredible mountain views, spectacular beaches, good food, and welcoming people. Since arriving in Crete, I've wanted to hike to the summit of Psiloritis mountain, and I made that happen. So please keep reading on choosing the best trail to Psiloritis Mountain in Crete. First, I want to point out…


In love with Crete. Zaros village

When I visit new places, I get on autopilot. I can walk all day to explore and can go even without eating. I'm not a breakfast person anyway. All I have in my mind is to see everything I planned for the day. Today, you will get to know the unique Zaros village, and it will make you fall in…


Hiking in Crete: Cave Lera, Seitan Limania

Welcome to today's edition of hiking in Crete. If you have never been to Crete before, let me tell you, it has everything for everyone. If you want to relax at the beach, hike, explore caves, learn traditional cuisine, or discover the culture, there's all that and more. Among the Greek islands, Crete is the most fertile and abundant one.…


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