6 Amazing Ways to Enjoy more the best of Portugal

Do you lately happen to hear a lot about Portugal? Maybe in a video, article or from family and friends? Definitely, there are many reasons for that and I will share below why I think Portugal is many's favorite destination and things you can do to enjoy the best of Portugal. As I lived in Portugal 2 months exploring the…


Porto vegan guide: where to eat, what to see

Oh, Porto! Where to begin? You're everything I ever wanted. Ooops, stop right there, almost everything I ever wanted. Except for the rain and cold weather that you happen to bring every autumn and winter, you're pretty awesome. Seriously now, Porto is such an amazing city with so much to offer. You are most definitely going to get in love…


Travel Volunteer Experience #1: Living 2 months in a yurt in Portugal

The beginning of a new adventure starts here. My first travel volunteer experience. Living on a farm, in a yurt, in the mountains of Portugal. How everything started The idea of traveling through volunteering came from my burning desire of traveling the world. I had to make this happen somehow even though I did not have the sufficient, or what…


Living off-Grid: Challenges (Alternative living)

Have you experienced living off-grid? Would you try it out? If you don't know what I'm talking about or even if you do, please keep reading, as I am going to tell you all about my challenges living off-grid and what you can do to prepare yourself for your own off the grid adventure. But first. What is living off…


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