Why might be a good idea to travel off-season?

You don't have to wait anymore for a specific time or season to travel. The time to enjoy your life anytime of the year, is here, now. Traveling off-season might be the best thing you can do. Here's why I think so. As an experienced off-season solo traveler, I came to realize through my own observations, that is actually better…


6 Amazing Ways to Enjoy more the best of Portugal

Do you lately happen to hear a lot about Portugal? Maybe in a video, article or from family and friends? Definitely, there are many reasons for that and I will share below why I think Portugal is many's favorite destination and things you can do to enjoy the best of Portugal. As I lived in Portugal 2 months exploring the…


Travel Volunteer Experience #1: Living 2 months in a yurt in Portugal

The beginning of a new adventure starts here. My first travel volunteer experience. Living on a farm, in a yurt, in the mountains of Portugal. How everything started The idea of traveling through volunteering came from my burning desire of traveling the world. I had to make this happen somehow even though I did not have the sufficient, or what…


Top highlights in Castilla-La Mancha

If you are passing through central Spain make sure to visit these amazing locations in La Mancha. You will be pleasantly surprised. Top highlights in Castilla-La Mancha. Here we go. Main attractions in La Mancha Windmills, "Molinos de Viento" Get ready to see windmills everywhere. Driving on the highway you can see windmills appearing on different hill tops. These "Molinos…


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