If you’re looking for the best beaches Rhodes offers, you’ve clicked on the proper link. I have traveled all over the island for over six months and have some excellent recommendations. If you want to visit other places on the island during your summer holiday, please see this detailed post about Everything That There is to See in Rhodes Island.

I love sandy beaches the most. However, if you like pebble beaches, please see these. The beaches mentioned below are in no specific order.

Top 6 Best Beaches on Rhodes Island

Agathi Beach

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When I first stepped foot on this beach, it felt like the smoothest and softest sand. It felt luxurious and therapeutic. Transparent and crystal blue water will make you relax and forget about everything. Highly recommend visiting. There is a beach bar to eat and get drinks.

Lindos Beach

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The main beach in Lindos

Lindos has three beaches, but this is the largest and offers a spectacular view of the acropolis of Lindos and a part of the village. Parking is available only paid as this is such a high-demand area. Being the main attraction on the island, the town, the beach, and the streets are always packed.

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This picture was taken at the end of October, and it was not crowded

Prasonisi Beach

These are the best beaches in Rhodes Island.

What I love about this place is how huge it is. As the island’s southernmost point, this is the go-to place for wind and kitesurfing. Plus, it’s a place loved by those who live and travel in their caravan. It’s not a dedicated campsite, but many people choose to live here during the summer months. If you have an online job, this life is perfect.

These are the best beaches in Rhodes Island.
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These are the best beaches in Rhodes Island.

Plimiri Beach

These are the best beaches in Rhodes Island.

There isn’t any fantastic scenery around, but the beach is everything—just the way I like it: perfect sand, clear water, and almost no people. Since this beach is in the south of Rhodes, where few people go, this might be an option if you want to run from the crowds.

Limni Beach

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This is another of the forgotten beaches, and I don’t mind that it is because every time I went, it was just me and the wind. Of course, being on the West Coast, it’s sometimes windy. However, the sunsets are insanely mesmerizing, and you should go at least once if not several times.

Tsambika Beach

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If you’re up for the challenge, this beach has a pretty impressive view. A perfect day would be to hike up to the Tsambika Monastery and enjoy the rest of the day on Tsambika Beach.

I hope you visit at least one beach on your next holiday as these are the best beaches on Rhodes Island. Check the full guide on Rhodes to complete your itinerary.

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