If this is your first time in Santorini, look no further. This guide is created to offer you the best 3 days of your life while exploring the incredible Santorini in just 3 days.

The highlights of the island can be visited without any rush in 3 days, regardless in which part of the island you are staying.

Holiday Planning

Before booking your holiday have in mind that the atmosphere of the island looks different every month of the year. Depending on what you seek to explore, you can decide a holiday during the high season, low season or off-season.

During high season: It is crowded, hot and expensive, but some people like it this way. If you are that person then you will enjoy the months of June, July and August. Every business is open and running.

Low season/Off-season: If you want the island for yourself and don’t care about most of the shops being closed, then have a look at how Santorini is during off-season. Supermarkets and accommodations are always open. For people that enjoy silence, nature, warm weather even in winter, hiking and time off from crowded, busy city life, then this is most definitely for you.


As one of the most wanted touristic destinations in the world, there are hotels at every step of the way. It’s very easy to find a place, you just have to know which part of the island you want to stay. I would say the following…

Budget travelers: I would suggest that you stay in Perissa. Santorini has the beautiful and affordable Villa Dima. Open all year round and located 5 min from the beach, it is a big traditional looking villa with 13 rooms. Compared to other locations, the advantage is that you will live near the largest black sand volcanic beach in Santorini stretching over 6km. In Oia and Thira there is no beach. One side of the island is rocky and the other side has beach.

To take advantage of this opportunity you can book bellow any of the rooms and get a 5% off at checkout with the coupon code: Paula@5. Keep in mind that this is the cheapest accommodation in Santorini, located near the largest beach. The coupon code can also be used for all the tours. So you will have 10% off in total when booking an accommodation and a tour.

Affluent travelers: If you want to experience waking up to the view of the Aegean Sea on the famous cliff side houses, then I recommend booking an accommodation in Thira or Oia. That’s where the magic is.

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Day 1. Thira

View of Thira

Thira is considered to be the capital village of the island and is located approximately in the middle of the island. Also, the main harbor is situated here. Daily ferries arrive from Athens and neighboring islands facilitating the transportation of goods and people.

The most beautiful part of the village is of course the sparkling white houses on the cliffs overlooking the small islands of Nea Kameni and Thirasia in the Aegean Sea. There are many boutiques and interesting local shops to discover as well. You can go down to the old harbor by foot, with the cable car or donkeys. Personally, I love donkeys and would never use them as transportation, they look so fragile to me even though they are strong. You also have the Museum of Prehistoric Thira to discover and learn the history of the island. Everything is pretty close and you will enjoy walking around.

Day 2. Oia

Picture taken from the Castle of Oia

One of the most famous travel destinations is Oia, situated to the north of the island. This adorable little village is like a walk in heaven. There is beauty everywhere you look and you can’t stop being in a constant awe. The way they managed to build these cave houses is incredible. The esthetic, style and vibe of this place is on a whole new level. If you love hiking you must go on the most amazing hike in the whole of Santorini. You will most definitely love it. I know I did. Just as Thira, Oia is extremely photogenic and the blue dome churches are the staple of Santorini. However, if you’re not a fan of walking, you can always take a wine or sightseeing tour where you can visit Oia, Red Beach, Pyrgos and much more.

Walking among the small alleys you will find many shops and lovely spots to take pictures. You can go to see the windmills and the ruins of the castle. That is a perfect sunset spot. Also, there is Armeni and Ammoudi beach to which you can walk. It’s more rocky than a beach, but you have a great view from down there.

Day 3. Sailing Day Tour

This itinerary would not be complete without a sailing day. Enjoying the gorgeous views of the caldera from the Aegean Sea has to be on everyone’s list. I would recommend booking a tour for this as there is no other way to go sailing. Goo Santorini is doing a great job at offering an amazing experience that you would most definitely want to repeat. They have 3 different sail tours. One going to the volcanic red and white beach and sunset watching from the boat. The second is going to the volcanic island where the crater is on the Thirassia island and the last is snorkeling and swimming around Santorini. Sounds like an adventure that I want to go on. On any tour you have 5%off with the coupon code Paula@5.

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This is the very best of Santorini in 3 days. Literally with this guide you cover the crème de la crème of Santorini. You will learn what the island has to offer and what is all about. Enjoy your time, create long lasting memories and take amazing pictures to remember the beauty of this planet.


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