If you are passing through central Spain, stop in La Mancha. You will discover windmills and vineyards and learn about Don Quijote, the emblematic figure from the novel by Miguel de Cervantes. The famous Castilla De La Mancha place is a must-see travel destination in Spain.

Main attractions in La Mancha

1. Windmills, “Molinos de Viento.”

Get ready to see windmills everywhere. Once in La Mancha, you can see windmills appearing on different hilltops. These “Molinos de Viento,” as they are called in Spanish, were built to grind wheat with the power of the wind to make bread. Today, they are a beautiful memory of traditions, with many tourists coming every year to explore the route of the windmills. Many villages in La Mancha have windmills and below are the exact locations.

Campo de Criptana

Here, ten windmills stand tall and beautiful, overlooking the village. At the top, there are bars and restaurants, and I must say that the sunsets are spectacular. Even though they are not functional, the windmills are in excellent condition.

Alcázar de San Juan

From Campo de Criptana, you can see the windmills of Alcázar de San Juan. That’s how close they are—just a 12 min drive. The village is very welcoming and cozy, and it’s great for an evening walk.

the famous castilla la mancha places you must see


This place is extra special because it has windmills and a castle too. Some of them are still functional, not in the traditional sense. Now is being used as a souvenir shop and restaurant/bar. The sunsets are absolute killers. As the sun goes down, it only gets better.

You can see the castle in the background

2. Vineyards

The second best thing to do in Castilla-La Mancha is to eat some grapes in the high season or to have some freshly-made wine. This is the land of the vineyards and wineries. The flat terrain, good soil, and weather favor the winemaking.

3. Don Quixote

The equally famous Don Quixote is a character from the novel Don Quixote de la Mancha written by Miguel Cervantes in 1605. The plot revolves around his adventures in La Mancha. And he is always available for a picture if you pass by.

the famous castilla la mancha places you must see
Don Quixote stands strong, withstanding every challenge.

Bonus Location in La Mancha

Once in La Mancha, you cannot miss the fascinating Belmonte castle. It’s a marvelous castle you can visit by buying tickets on the spot or online.

the famous castilla la mancha places you must see

I hope you enjoyed this little exploration of Castilla-La Mancha province and its top highlights. Check out this festival in Alicante. See you on the next adventure. Until then, live more, enjoy more, and experience more.

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