For all the hike lovers, this one is for you. Prepare to be blown away by the incredible beauty and awe-inspiring scenery. Get ready for the most amazing hike in the whole of Santorini. No exaggeration. You are not going to want to miss this one. So, add it to your bucket list so you don’t forget.

Before going into it, let me say that you don’t want to be doing this in the summer unless you want to end up like a roasted chicken. Do this in early spring, late autumn, or winter. Otherwise, it will be like a suicide mission, and you won’t enjoy it as much. I did this hike in December, and the weather was perfect. Sunny but not hot and still warm enough not to be cold. And while you’re walking, you are going to get warmed up. Remember to bring water, snacks, good shoes, and a power bank; you are ready.

From Thira to Oia

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I can proudly say that I hiked all over the island, and with certainty, the most spectacular view I encountered was the hike from Thira to Oia. And why do I say this is the most amazing hike in Santorini? As you walk, you get a complete overview of the island. The hike takes around 2.5 hours, but with the hundreds of stops you will have for pictures, it will be more like five hours. Reserve one full day for this hike.

Walking from Thira, you will pass through the picturesque villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. As you leave Thira behind, you can see the formation of an exciting rock, the Skaros Rock, approaching. This volcanic creation is accessible by foot. Hiking will get a bit demanding with all the stops, but without a doubt, it can be done. I am a bit hardcore when I go on hikes and try to see as much as possible in one go.

The most amazing hike in the whole of Santorini starts here, in Thira. Incredible views of Skaros Rock.
Skaros Rock is in Imerovigli village, right after passing Thira. There is a path to the top of it.
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Donkeys are used for human transport. I will never use them because I love them.

Thira is located in the island’s center, so you see the extremities, Akrotiri, and Oia. The hike is not very difficult; I would say moderate. And the terrain is easy. As you walk from Thira, you will reach the curb leading to the last stretch of the island where Oia village is situated. Sure, there are many more villages along the way. However, Oia is the most famous, with pristine white houses and blue dome churches on the cliffs.

While hiking, I realized why only this side of the island is famous. And it is not only because of the houses and the cliffs but the Sun too. This side of the island is always sunny, while the other side is only sunny in the morning and some of the afternoon. As the Sun sets, you get the craziest sunsets in Oia, Thira, and Akrotiri, on the island’s west side. So all the fun happens on one side of the island. People are battling to get the best spot to witness the magical sunsets.

Walking on the last stretch to Oia, you will notice the predominance of black volcanic rocks, a combination of volcanic ash, pumice stone, and petrified lava. In the winter, it gets dark at 5 PM. The sunset caught me walking the last bit of the island’s northern part. But I couldn’t complain. The evening was spectacular, the views just out of this world, and I was the only soul experiencing this.

This has been the most amazing hike in Santorini for me. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Let me know in the comments if you have done this hike before or if you will. Thanks for passing by. Check my other post on Santorini with everything that you can see and do. The world’s beauty is truly infinite. Enjoy the photos.

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View over Firostefani and Thira
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The most amazing hike in the whole of Santorini starts here, in Thira. Walk to the old harbor in Thira
Walk to the old harbor in Thira
The most amazing hike in the whole of Santorini starts here, in Thira. Stairways to heaven.
Stairways to heaven

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