Hurray!!! You are finally coming to Alicante! Looking for some places to explore around? No worries. I will introduce you to three locations. These might be the best places around Alicante. I love that they are close to the city and easily accessible by tram. These travel destinations are on the famous Costa Blanca (White Coast), a 200 km Mediterranean coastline of incredible towns.

1. Villajoyosa

You can start your exploration of this colorful fishing village by going first to the Valor Chocolate Factory. Once there, you can visit the museum for free and tour the factory to see how the chocolate is made. Ultimately, you can taste different varieties of chocolate and choose to buy it if you wish.

In Villajoyosa, at one of the palaces to see around Alicante
At the chocolate factory, Valor

After you finish the chocolate tasting, you can explore this cute little village. Walking around it doesn’t take long. It has narrow streets with beautiful multicolored houses where you can observe the daily life of the locals. This place is an excellent option if you are looking for a quieter place to relax and walk. There are several restaurants by the beach where you can try fresh fish and local Spanish food.

Of course, while you are there, you should get your feet on the splendid beach that Villajoyosa has. The wide and long beach with its soft golden sand it’s hard to refuse. The palm trees on the beach even give it a tropical vibe. Sunsets are indeed something else, and it’s a perfect spot to take spectacular photos.

2. Altea

As you go further up on the coast, you will come across this other village, Altea, with a completely different style and overall vibe. Here you have sparkly white houses with many small boutique clothes and souvenirs. This destination is always buzzing with tourists but is nevertheless a great spot. If you have the time, you can also go to Altea Hills for a panoramic view.

Altea, one of the places to visit around Alicante
The magic of Altea starts here
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In altea, one of the best places to visit around Alicante

3. Calpe

The scenery from Altea to Calpe is spectacular. I guarantee you’ll keep your eyes glued out the window. The combination of rocky mountains and the sea is unbelievably beautiful. And did you know that Calpe is home to flamingos? Yes, that’s right. The big salty lake in the middle of the town is an instant attraction. Like everyone else, I love clean, crystalline water, and Calpe has divine water to swim and float in for hours. Calpe is also a great area to do paddleboarding and try new sports. The Rock of Ifach, the massive rock in the picture below, is also another attraction of Calpe. You can swim, canoe, or paddle there for a small hike.

Clalpe, one of the best places to visit around Alicante
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Indeed, there are many more places to see, but these are my top three to visit around Alicante. Benidorm, Denia, Xabia, and Torrevieja are other places to visit on the coast. I love these places because they are unique and perfect for relaxing. Check out the craziest festival in Alicante to visit this year.

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