Hurray!!! You are finally coming to Alicante ☺

Looking for some places to explore around? No worries. I’ll present to you 3 best places to see around Alicante that are close to the city and easily accessible by tram.

So, here we go:

1. Villajoyosa

This colorful fishing village is home to several chocolate factories with the most renowned one being Valor chocolate. You can visit for free the museum and have a tour of the factory while seeing how the chocolate is made. At the end you can taste different varieties of chocolate and choose to buy if you wish so.

In Villajoyosa, at one of the palaces to see around Alicante
At the chocolate factory Valor

Moreover, you can explore the colorful village by having a walk through the narrow streets and multicolored houses near the beach. This area is really unique and specific of the place. It is a relaxed chill area where you can observe the local life. You can see below a video that I made in this location.

Lastly you need to get a tan on this beach 😅 Everything around asks for it. Clean blue water, soft sand, palm trees, and sun. Also, the sunsets are spectacular, so make sure to spend a whole day in beautiful Villajoyosa.

2. Altea

As you go further up on the coast you will encounter another village completely different in style. Here you have white houses, lots of small boutiques with accessories and clothes and great spots for pictures.

Altea, one of the places to visit around Alicante
The magic of Altea begins here

The white houses of the old town in Altea

One of the spots in the old town for great pictures

Also for great pictures with a view over the whole region I suggest going all the way up to Altea Hills.

In altea, one of the best places to visit around Alicante


3. Calpe

The scenery from Altea to Calpe is absolutely spectacular. I guarantee you’ll keep your eyes glued out the window. The combination of rocky mountains and sea its unbelievably beautiful.

And did you know that Calpe is home to flamingos? Yes, that’s right. The big salty lake in the middle of the town it’s an instant attraction.

I love a nice beach with clean water, and let me tell you, the water in Calpe is absolutely divine. Blue crystalline water to swim and float in for hours.

Clalpe, one of the best places to visit around Alicante

And the beach….oh my god, you will absolutely fell in love.

Certainly, there are many more places to see, but these ones are my top 3 to visit around Alicante. I totally love these places, I find them special and I hope they will bring you some peace, tranquility, and happiness to your soul and mind.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Thanks for passing by ☺

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