The world has changed. What was safe is now dangerous. What was possible is now restricted and what was easy is now complicated. The dynamic of traveling has shifted, but the passion is still high. Regardless, I am here to share my perspective on current events and experience of traveling to Santorini during covid.

It’s unfortunate, but travel as we know it, is never going to be the same ever again. And the only thing we can do is adapt, be aware of what is actually happening and act in a way that we think is right for us.

To all my travel lovers and free spirits that experience life through travel, cultural exchange and connection with places, nature and humans, these times are tough. But, we must continue to stay true to our happiness. We are beings that thrive in communities surrounded by love, care and affection. And we cannot become strangers to our own nature. Let’s continue to help and care for one another.

Santorini and CCovid

My first time ever in Santorini and I arrived during covid and lockdown. During this time, Greece was open for tourists and I actually met some while I was there for 1.5 months. Not many honestly. I can count them on my fingers. There were more Greek tourists than foreigners, but nevertheless the stay was absolutely splendid.

Traveling during Covid to Santorini is a bit more challenging as you need a covid test, PLF (Passenger Location Form) and a health declaration to enter Greece. Anyhow, it can be done. It’s actually easier to travel within one country for longer than changing countries every other week.

I arrived in Santorini by ferry from Crete. And there was quite a bit of movement. People were traveling from one island to another and to the mainland Greece. I did not know what to expect of Santorini since it was my first time. It did not disappoint. It was quieter than usual, but not completely dead. And I really loved the vibe.

However, even with lockdown you can go about your life without any restrictions. As a tourist here you don’t feel that you are limited. You can still enjoy the surrounding areas, walk or take the bus to nearby villages. I haven’t seen any police for the 2 months that I was there and I walked the whole island. Maybe you would like to check out the most amazing hike that I did in Santorini. I’m sure you would love to do it too. Also check out all my other blog posts on Santorini to get a full picture of where to go and what to do.

All big supermarkets were open and even some shops. The frenzy of wearing a mask everywhere is not so big there and you can actually enjoy the liberty of breathing fresh air as a sovereign free being. What’s next, tax for breathing?

What is Covid actually affecting?

There are still many people living on the island full time. Life goes by as usual and Covid did not seem to affect much. But it actually did. Big time. Many businesses may not open ever again. Lockdowns has destroyed people’s lives. With your business closed by the government itself, you are still required to pay your taxes to the government. Can you make sense of any of this? How can anyone survive having their business shut down for more than a year? More than a health crisis, this is an economical, mental and social crisis. It is the destruction of the society as we know it. You know the saying, destroy in order to create. And the fact that this is taking place on a global scale is scary.

The mental implications that lockdowns has on people is incredible. People are suffering of loneliness, financial stress, depression. I’ve actually met people saying that they haven’t talked with anyone in months. All this narrative of “social distancing” is actually killing people. More harm than good is being done.

I guess what I want you to take from this post is that you should live life on your own terms. Stop following what the government, the media, your doctor, your neighbor, your family say is right for you. Only you know what is right for you. Please, listen to yourself. This is a call for all my humans to take charge of their own lives and become free independent thinkers. Question everything as if you just came into this life.

Things you can do

  • Think for yourself
  • See the overall picture
  • Research different points of view
  • Do not comply without knowing what you are complying for just because experts/scientists say so. I hope you know that all data can be manipulated.

Take away

  • Don’t live in fear, it’s a paralyzer
  • Take risks
  • Don’t judge
  • Have an open mind
  • Be empathetic
  • Do what makes you happy

As you can see, traveling to Santorini during covid is not complicated just more tedious. Supporting small local businesses during these dire times is extremely important and traveling is one way of doing so. Follow your heart and do not stop questioning.

Stay sane and stay true. Love to you all.

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    Your blog is excellent. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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