Hey, don’t worry. Either you’re vegan or not, or simply transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, I’m positive that you’re gonna love these vegan places in Alicante. They all have a unique vibe, atmosphere and style. And most importantly, they have affordable prices and homemade food.

Regardless of whether you’re a tourist, an expat living in Alicante, or a Spaniard, these places are a great pick. Bring your partner, friends or family into the world of the vegan cuisine. I purposely chose these places because they are so distinct from one another. One is raw vegan, another Arabic, and the other, well, unconventional. You are definitely going to enjoy ☺

So, let’s begin:

1. Momo

Momo, one of the vegan places in Alicante which you shouldn't miss

It is a cozy and calm place. From the decor, to the fresh herbs on the counter and the relaxing music everything is a balance of harmony. And when you think it couldn’t get better there is the food. A blend of colors, textures, and aromas that mesmerize you from the moment you see it and way after you’ve left the place. You’ll suddenly find yourself thinking about the creamy and delicious cheesecake, or the refreshing lemonade. You’ll definitely want to go back.

This place in Alicante is not just vegan, but raw vegan, with a variety of amazing dishes to choose from. The menu changes with the season and offers soups, sandwiches, hamburgers, different spreads, sweets, and delicious drinks. Nourish your body and mind with the magic of raw vegan, homemade goodness food.

While there, I tried the menu of the day, which was lasagna, cheesecake and a lemonade of parsley, lemon, dates, and water. See the pictures below.

PRICE: 12,50 € of the menu

vegan places in Alicante
Walnuts and a drink of parsley, lemon, water, and dates.
Raw vegan lasagna
Raw vegan cheesecake

2. Arruzafa Restaurante Árabe

vegan places in Alicante

I loved the feel of the place from the moment I opened the door. It feels immediately like stepping into another world. Surrounded by the melodious Arabic music and the aromatic food I’ve completely forgotten that I was in Alicante.

While Arruzafa is a traditional Moroccan restaurant, it also offers a vegan menu alongside the main menu from where you can choose a variety of traditional Moroccan dishes, but veganized.

Within the menu they really serve a lot of food. I was not able to finish all of it. Let me show you what I got.

PRICE: 10 € for the vegan menu during the day from Monday to Friday.

Moroccan bread
Vegetable Seffa
 Tofu Briwat
Vegetable Pastela
Rose flavored sweets

3. El Impulso Heroico y la Dimensión Insondable

vegan places in Alicante

If you are looking for a cozy and intimate atmosphere, this vegan place in Alicante can definitely be the one. The books around and the diffused light makes you feel comfortable just like you’d be in your living-room.

As for the food, the place offers hamburgers and that’s the only thing on the menu. They’ve made it easy for you with two options to choose from: vegan and non-vegan. The hamburgers are homemade and you can really see and taste the difference because they are not heavily processed nor full of oil or other unnecessary stuff like the processed ones.

PRICE: 8 € hamburger with potatoes

vegan places in Alicante

While living in Alicante for 2 years, I have tried every vegan place there is. I like places where you feel like home and they prepare the food themselves instead of buying it prepackaged. There are also others good spots to go to that are not all entirely vegan but have great vegan options. Places such as:

  • Lluvia, vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. I loved the chocolate brownie that they have
  • Bodhi Green, vegetarian restaurant with vegan options
  • Vegan Bombon, vegan sweets plus sandwiches and burgers
  • Mish Mish, Lebanese restaurant with some vegan dishes
  • La Voladora, great salads and main dishes
  • Sip and Wonder, if you’re a digital nomad you can bring your laptop and work during the day and in some evenings they have live music. Great vegan matcha latte, sandwiches, banana bread
  • Amasable, I like the pizza that they make, the crust is really thin and so good. Just tell them not to put cheese on it. And they have a different menu daily
  • Daikichi, amazing and super fresh Japanese food. The wasabi and ginger is next level. I ate here several times and absolutely love the quality of the food.
  • El Garaje, is not a vegan place, but as for the vegan options they have some burgers entirely vegan and patatas bravas (potatoes with spicy sauce).
  • Amorino, Livanti, Heladeria Borgonesse, these are all ice cream places and have some varieties of vegan ice cream.

In short, these are some of the vegan places in Alicante that I tried, really loved, and recommend. I hope you like them too. Affordable and delicious homemade food. You can’t beat that.

Before you go, check some of my recipes, an amazing raw vegan dressing for your salad and a dessert with figs and almonds.

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  1. Tania Ferri Candela

    I love “el impulso heroico y la dimensión insondable”! Its one of my favourite places to go!?? And the atmosphere there is supercomfortable?
    Super web! ??

    1. Paula4188

      I also loved it very much. And their burgers are amazing ??Definitely gonna go back

  2. Cristina

    WoW, Paula, muchas, muchas gracias por estas bonitas palabras sobre MoMO y estas preciosas fotos. En relación a Arruzafa y al Impulso Heroico, totalmente de acuerdo contigo, son sitios especiales que recomiendo visitar. Un abrazo ?

    1. Paula4188

      Me alegro mucho de que te ha gustado ??

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